The Steamboaters’ Stream Etiquette

Stream Fishing Etiquette

A True Sportsman will:
1.  Be and act like a gentleman.
2.  Think of the other fellow who wants to catch fish as much as he does.
3.  Not take advantage of other fishermen.
4. Not take more fish than he can use.
5.  Remember that it is more honorable to release a fish than to eat it.
6. Not go in the river close below or across from anyone fishing, nor cast his line near that of another fisherman.
7. Allow the fisherman who arrives at the hole first to finish fishing it without interference.
8.  Not be a Hole Hog. He should not prevent another from fishing a hole for a long time. He can either:
         a. Have the waiting person join him,
         b. Tell him to pass through and fish below, or
         c. Vacate the pool entirely in favor of the other fisherman.
A True Sportsman goes fishing not only to catch fish, but also to enjoy God’s gift of clean sweet water, the forest, and all the creatures that live in them.
Let’s all be True Sportsmen!
Colonel Jim Hayden
Founding member of
The Steamboaters