For several years, while in MT., I took fly fishing lessons from Rhea. I can only say that she did one fantastic job of organizing and presenting the subject; her outgoing personality made the classes a lot of fun &  interesting.   Great memories from last year's trip,to Patagonia, organized by Rhea; consequently, I am looking forward to this winter's trip knowing that again it will be terrific! She knows Argentina & the people, and she is known there as a super guide plus friend! Do I think Rhea does a great job, yes!!!  Midge Davis, Texas
I've taken two great trips with Mayfly Adventures.  Both were professionally planned and I had a great experience, mainly due to Rhea's experience and hospitality.  She makes everyone feel like friends and I can honestly say, having traveled to many fishing locales around the world, Rhea's trips rate at the top of totem pole. Tom, California
Rhea was not only well organized, but was a true hostess, guaranteeing that we had a memorable week of learning and laughter in Argentina, Montana,and Costa Rica.  Sue - Chicago
My wife Midge and I had our first Patagonia experience with Rhea last year.The fishing
was superb; It seems to me the equivalent of 1950 Montana. And if you value the food, 
drink,and hospitality almost as much as the fishing, you're gonna' love Rhea's Argentina.
It is obvious how much she loves the country and its people, and how much they love 
and respect her.Traveling with her around Patagonia provides a lesson in statesmanship,
and generally,just how to have a good time. We ate, drank, and laughed more than you
could imagine. We are headed back for a little longer this year, and will continue to 
make annual trips down there as long as our money and health hold out. 
 I can't wait! Lonnie Davis, Texas